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Bitcoin Chip, 1K Bits, Set of Five

Bitcoin Chip, 1K Bits, Set of Five

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 Bitcoin Chips are BTCC Mint’s fifth series of bitcoin collectibles.

Bitcoin Chips are premium, durable bitcoin poker chips, which are 39 millimeters wide and weigh 13 grams each. The weight and careful crafting of the chips gives them a solid grip and sure feel in the hand.

These five chips come in individual acrylic cases.

Each 1K-bit chip has a serial number that begins with F, in this format (X is a digit): FXXXXX.

>>The Anatomy of a BTCC Mint Bitcoin Chip


Diameter: 39 mm

Thickness: 3.30 mm

Weight: 13 grams

Material: Premium clay composite


0.015 BTC - Price of the Chips and Service Fees

0.005 BTC - Bitcoin Value

0.02  BTC - Total Price

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