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2016 N-Series, Bitcoin Block, 25+ BTC

2016 N-Series, Bitcoin Block, 25+ BTC

30.00 BTC Sold Out!

The Bitcoin Block is the newest addition to the BTCC Mint collection. The Bitcoin Block was introduced in 2016 to coincide with the second bitcoin block halving.

The Bitcoin Block is a square block, at 80 millimeters wide and 10 millimeters thick. Each block is made of pure titanium, and weighs in at 10 ounces (283 grams).

Each Block is packaged in a premium square rosewood etuis with a black velvet lining.

The days of the 50 bitcoin block reward are long gone. And now, the days of the 25 bitcoin block reward are also history. Capture and preserve this unique moment in bitcoin's history, and order your 25 Bitcoin Block now. Save it for posterity, save it for your kids and grandchildren, and save it because it is the world's only full block reward, in beautiful titanium. Bitcoin is now worth more than its weight in gold.

You can purchase a premined Bitcoin Block from the list below. During the checkout process, in the Notes field, you can specify the first and second choice of your block number if you have a preference. 

Supplies are limited.  There were only 94 of these Bitcoin Blocks created in 2016, with 25 BTC block rewards.

All deliveries will require a signature.

Only a few left! The available blocks:

Block Bitcoins Address
418,779 25.35601256 16D8KfDD3WAQffziypWPqTpWesbqHdBdhi



5.00 BTC - Price of the Block and Etui

25+ BTC - Bitcoin Value

30.00 BTC - Total Price

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