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Half Bitcoin (Rare! Double Funded “Twin” Physical Bitcoins)

Half Bitcoin (Rare! Double Funded “Twin” Physical Bitcoins)

1.50 BTC Sold Out!

These are special! Once in a rare while, we mine blocks so quickly that we double fund our coins.

These error "twin" coins are funded from blocks 431,822 and 431,824. Each coin actually has 1 BTC in it, even though the coin itself says Half Bitcoin. There are only a total of 20 coins mined. Once they sell out, this item listing will be removed.

The price is 0.50 BTC plus another 1 BTC for bitcoin value, for a total of 1.50 BTC for each "twin" coin.


BTCC Mint V-Series coins are the ideal physical bitcoins.

Mint coins make the ideal collector’s items with their unique material, design, and uncirculated bitcoins.

This item comes in an acrylic case and premium BTCC envelope.

Diameter: 39 mm
Thickness: 3.25 mm
Weight: 16 grams
Material: Titanium

0.50 BTC - Price of the Coins 
1.00 BTC - Bitcoin Value
1.50 BTC - Total Price 

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